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I am the 2nd generation owner and CEO of Sunshine Plumbing & Heating. It all started with my parents, Joe & Anna Santangelo. They immigrated to this country from Italy and had dreams of how America would provide opportunity for them and our family. My dad brought to America an amazing work ethic and a commitment to do the right thing that he developed as a poor farmer in the old country.

Because my dad and mother had a burning desire to change their poor past and be able to help others, they opened Sunshine Plumbing here in Albuquerque in 1973. He had one rule as he started expanding the business and hiring people:

“No matter what, do the right thing.”

And I didn’t just inherit the business. Dad made me work long hard hours in the business, working from the ground up. I had to do every job, no matter how dirty, so I would develop the same work ethic he brought to this country and to this business. His business philosophy, that the customer is our most important asset, that is what has made us so successful for over 40 years, when others have gone out of business.

I learned that the hard way. Long hours working a service truck until I REALLY understood what the business was about. My dad, the patron of Sunshine Plumbing, taught me the best lessons of all. Honesty and customer care will always payoff for the business. My dad built a legacy in me that I am determined to bring to you, our customers, and the business.

Why We Do What We Do