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Dependable! Reliable! Conscientious! Clean!

We like having Sunshine Plumbing & Heating service our heater, air conditioner, and water heater. We are part of the Friends and Family Plan, so they come out once or twice a year to check on things. We’ve been using them for about ten years. About two years ago, we had them replace our main heating and air conditioning system. Sunshine isn’t the cheapest out there, but we like having them in our house. They keep the work minimal and clean. Five stars for Sunshine Plumbing & Heating! They do a fantastic job!

- Tracee N.

Definitely a Repeat Customer!

The tech discussed what was found and offered recommendations.  I look forward to continued services with Sunshine Plumbing.

- Carl V.

They Always Respond Quickly!

Sunshine Plumbing & Heating always arrive when they say they will. The servicemen are professional, friendly, and courteous. They are very knowledgeable about plumbing and that is one of the reasons I keep using them. I have been their customer for about three years and they always respond quickly when I call and that is very important when you’re having a plumbing issue. They have also done maintenance work for me on my heat and air system. I recommend them because of the top-quality work they do. It is wonderful to find a company that has great service, consistently.

- N W.

Very Good!

I’ve been using Sunshine Plumbing & Heating for the last few years now thanks to their really good customer service and good pricing, and recently had them out to do a sewer scope at my home. They showed up on time and did everything I asked of them, and they were very good! Their workers were knowledgeable, prompt, and polite! They even did an air conditioning check for my father recently, and also did a good job. I would definitely use them again!

- Tracee N.


When I call Sunshine Plumbing & Heating, they actually show up. Our experience over the last year or so has been good. They show up quickly and solve the problem. The invoicing takes a little bit longer than I would like, but otherwise, everything is good! I recommend Sunshine Plumbing & Heating.

- Allegro

Very Good & Very Responsive

I have been using Sunshine Plumbing & Heating since I bought my current air conditioning unit, and I think they are very good and responsive. They have always been pretty good with me, and they never monkey around or try to sell me things that I don’t need. Last month they came out to hook up our A/C unit. Since there was cold weather about to set in, they left the damper and heater connected, and three days later they came back to take out the damper, disconnect the heater, and finish setting up the A/C for the upcoming season. They are convenient, excellent, and they’ll be the first company I’d call if anything else needs work.

- James L.

Great service, Knowledgeable technicians

Technician arrived on time and worked quickly. He was pleasant and knowledgeable.

- Sharon P.

They Were Wonderful From Start To Finish

I had a big job with replumbing our whole house, and the builder of our home told me about Sunshine Plumbing & Heating. They came every day, did what they said they were going to do for the price they gave me, and everything came out perfect. The plumbers were friendly and efficient. They were just great people. I don’t have one bad thing to say about them. From start to finish, they were wonderful, and I would totally use them again!

- Danielle W.

They’ve Been Very Good To Us

Sunshine Plumbing & Heating has been very good to us, and we can’t complain. We first used them when they had to redo all of the heating and plumbing. We had a contractor who took advantage of us because we are elderly and my husband is disabled. Sunshine came and did a good job cleaning up the mess and bringing everything to code. We also used them twice within the past few months to fix a leaky shower in our bathroom, along with clearing a clogged sink. They are professional and respectful, and I’ve already recommended them to others. I would use them again.

- Sue P.

Sunshine Plumbing does make my day brighter

Sunshine Plumbing gives me confidence to remain in my home. Any problem I have called them for, Sunshine responds Professionally and Quickly! The key word is quickly. Whenever I have called, whoever answers the phone, works very hard to find someone to respond. The plumbers have been so pleasant to deal with and creative in their approach to fix my problem. I guess you could say that I really rely on Sunshine.

- Sandra R.

They Do Great Work!

We have used Sunshine Plumbing for years. Sunshine Plumbing does great work. Their customer service is wonderful.

- Jeff R.

Repeat Happy Customer

Sunshine Plumbing & Heating came out and flushed my in-floor radiant heating system to clear the lines. They were here for about three hours inspecting and maintenance of the entire unit. They are always professional and very nice to deal with. They did an excellent job! I highly recommend their services to everyone!

- Bill C.