heating and cooling

When cold weather hits, you need reliable equipment installed by a reputable company. Warm weather is great until temperatures reach an uncomfortable high.  Sunshine Plumbing & Heating Inc is here to help. 

New Installation

with one of our HVAC specialists.

Repair and Replacement

Not sure which? A Sunshine technician can provide you with a return on investment and lifetime cost analysis to help inform your decision.

Ductless Mini Splits

With their compact size and lack of dependence on existing ductwork, ductless mini-split systems offer more versatility than conventional ducted systems.

AC Conversion

Swamp (evaporative) cooler to refrigerated air.


Ensure quality workmanship, perform regular maintenance to prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of customer’s comfort systems. 

water meters & Sewer taps

We work with you and the Water Authority for the installation of New Water meter service and sewer installation for both Residential and Commercial properties. An account must be set up with the Water Authority. Please contact us for more information

Sewer & Water line replacements

Have a sewer problem or leak on a water line to your home or business? We do full line replacements with very little disruption to your yard and life. Please contact us for more information

Fire Lines & Hydrants

We work with both the Water Authority and fire protection companies to install New Fire Lines to buildings that need a fire sprinkler system. This also includes the installation of New Fire Hydrants. Please contact us for more information

Root Removal from Sewer Lines

Yes, Roots! They can grow into the sewer line and create problems by restricting flow! We get to the “Root” of the problem! J Please contact us for more information

Storm Drain Piping & Systems

Storm Drain Piping systems are designed to handle and control rain and snow run off. We install all types of systems. Please contact us for more information

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Yes, we have this unique technology that can replace a bad sewer line with a new one by pulling a new sewer thru the middle of an existing one without excavating the entire line!! This can be very cost effective and minimize disruption! Please contact us for more information

Repair & Replace Sewer Lines

Yes, the street! It is a common misconception that any utility in the street is the cities responsibility. In Albuquerque, the property owner is responsible for the sewer line extending to the city sewer main that typically runs down the center of the street where the manholes are. We are specialty licensed and bonded to do this work in the street or public right-of-way.  Please contact us for more information

Plumbing and Gas

Plumbing difficulties are intimidating, and until we experience one for the first time, we never realize how much of our everyday lives depends on the simple movement of water between points A and B.

Drain Cleaning

Live video for locating sewer problems and Trenchless technology to address sewer line problem.

Water Heaters

Repair, Replace, New Installation.

Repair and Replacement

If it is emergency service that you need, we are available to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Electronic Leak Location

These are the most precise and efficient. Leak technologies in this category include corona-suppression (negative corona), heated diode, infrared (IR), and ultrasonic.

Water Conditioning

Removal of minerals, chemicals, and contaminants from your water source.

Gas Leak Location & Repair

Our technicians can pinpoint where gas is leaking or install natural gas or carbon monoxide detectors and shut-off valves, along with providing regular safety inspections, to protect you from future problems.

system enhancements

Sunshine offers a wide variety of heating and cooling system enhancements for new installations as well as adding on to existing systems.

Solar Insulation

Energy Conservation

Attic Insulation, Tint Windows, AC Blanket, Sealing, Leaking ductwork.

Indoor Air Quality

Air Filtration Products, Humidifiers, Fresh Air Ventilators, Ultra Violet Lights, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Zoning and Programmable Thermostats.

Air Ducts

Cleaning to eliminate contaminates and sealing to make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and safer.

Attic Insulation

National code requires a minimum of R-30 attic insulation. Our technicians can test your current insulation to determine whether your home meets the national code and add insulation to meet code requirements.

New Construction

When cold weather hits, you need reliable equipment installed by a reputable company. Warm weather is great until temperatures reach an uncomfortable high.  Sunshine Plumbing & Heating Inc is here to help. 


Able to install plumbing equipment (residential, multi family, new construction), ability to replace pipes in homes/buildings and install new pipes, knowledge of plumbing codes, ability to take timely action to effectively solve problems, using established policies and procedures.


Diagnoses and repairs HVAC equipment in the customer’s home and gives the customer an accurate estimate of the cost of repair if applicable, completes all Break/Fix Technician training elements within required timeframes, installs new HVAC systems and related accessories according to safety and manufacturer’s specifications.

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